About Us

In 2014, we wanted to do something about life. At first, we learned to live by dreaming , then to chaseour dreams;
We understood that human can exist throughout its life if leaving mark to other lives while running.

For this reason; we wanted to say that it is possible to,
Become a free while running,
Live the moment while running,
Re-exist while running,
Imagine while running,
Add value to a city while running,
Commune with the nature while running,
Find yourself while running,

BWhile running at Bodrum, Ephesus, Phrygian Valley, Sapanca and many other cities.
We actually wanted to live while running and to leave mark for each other while living.

After that, we discovered miracle of the pedaling…
Become a child while pedaling,
Get stronger while pedaling,
We wanted you to see beauties of the nature while pedaling.

We actually wanted to live while pedaling and to leave mark for each other while pedaling. Therefore,
all we do was to live and keep alive.

You are the limit in our world.

We are more happy together